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Amazon online book store is now the largest book store in India. They have given a big focus to E-books. And as a result E-books are growing in popularity day by day. E-books have many obvious advantages. Firstly, you do not need to carry the books you want to read. Secondly, you can access any book from your library wherever you want. Even you do not need to carry any device, books can be accessed directly from cloud. You Just need to log into your account and start reading on any device. This article is about Best E-Book Reader in India Amazon Kindle.

To read an E-book we can use tablets, smartphones, PC or an E-book reader. But, the best way to read an E-book is using the reader. E-book reader looks like a tablet but it is not exactly a tablet. Today we will have a look at the features of the best E-book reader in India. We will also see how it differs from a tablet.

Best features of kindle

1. Amazon Kindle has a 167 ppi glare-free display. This display reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight. Most smartphones and tablets are designed to impress. Display in these devices focuses on brightness, high resolution, accurate colour reproduction etc. We don’t need all this for simple reading. A simple display which is easy on your eyes will help you read for long stretches. Now since Kindle is easy on eyes, so it is best for reading.

2. In Kindle, you can highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size without ever leaving the page. You can get similar features in tablets by downloading kindle reading app.

3. Kindle is a lightweight device. Due to this you can read on it using a single hand.

4. Kindle has a super long battery life. While most of the tablets and smartphones will last for hours, kindle can last for weeks. While Amazon claims that kindle can go on for weeks on a single charge but in many cases that depends on the usage of the device.

5. There is an inbuilt backlight which will help you in reading at night. This is an improvement over previous generations of kindle.

6. You get free cloud storage with kindle devices. This cloud storage will allow you to access your books on other devices as well.

Some Additional Benefits

Being from Amazon ecosystem give some additional benefits to kindle. These benefits make it the best E-book reader in India. Amazon Prime members can read many bestsellers from a broad category for free.

Kindle support many E-book formats like Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC etc. So you can read E-books you have purchased earlier in other formats.

Kindle has inbuilt Voice View screen reader which can be used with Bluetooth audio. This provides spoken feedback allowing you to navigate your device and read books with text-to-speech (available in English only).

What can be improved

While kindle is great as a reader it can not be used as a tablet or smartphone. In this device you can not install Apps, games etc. Even then there is an inbuilt browser which will allow you to browse and search the net. Even though I have mentioned this as a drawback, but this is a minor point because it was never designed to be used as a tablet.

Another point is that cost is a bit on higher side. Price of 10th Gen Kindle is at 7,999 INR.


Kindle (10th Gen), 6″ Display


Ease of use
Availability of books
Impact on eyes


Kindle is a great E-book reader. Though it can be priced a bit better but it offers enough value for what it is.


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