In this guide we will describe various features of a Smart watch. At the same time we will let you know what are the features where you should focus most. While looking at the features, we will also try to find out the best smartwatches in India.

A list of important features for a smartwatch is as below.

Design and Personalization

A smartwatch can have many faces. In most smartwatches you can change the look and feel just like you can change the theme in your smartphone. Due to this a smartwatch can always look fresh an does not gets boring like conventional watches.

Don’t over look the comfort in a smartwatch. Smartwatch is also used as a fitness tracker. You will be wearing it throughout the day. If you are interested in sleep tracking you may also wear it during night. As such comfort is very important. A smart watch should not be heavy.

Display and battery

Many smartwatches nowadays have OLED displays. While such displays are great for a smartphone, they can drain out the battery of a smartwatch quickly. Due to its small size we can not put big batteries in smartwatches. And its a no brainer that no one wants to chare their watches daily. So if display of a smartwatch is high resolution OLED we must look at the backup it provides.

OS and compatibility

smartwatches often work in sync with our phones. They are a bit limited as stand alone devices. Due to this OS support becomes a big factor. Most smartwatches can connect to android and iOS. this will allow them to sync the data. OS of a smartwatch is also very important. Google wearOS is a very popular OS for smartwatches. It supports both Android and iOS. Although integration is better with Android. Similarly WatchOs by apple suppotr iOS ver well.

OS of a watch will also determine the apps available on it. If you choose Google WearOS or apple WatchOS you will get the largest selection of apps. Brand like Honor and Huawei use their own OS and apps are very limited.

Fitness features

Smartwatches are not just a normal watch. They double up as a fitness tracker. As such you must carefully check fitness features. Most watches today have step counter and GPS and heart rate monitor. Sleep tracking is another thing that you may want to track.

Newer models offer features like SpO2 to check oxygen saturation. Some Smartwatches are waterproof and they can track swimming activities.

Best smartwatches in India are as below

Hope this has helped you in selecting the best smartwatch. Please provide your feedback in comments.

If you are looking for more choices you can check other smartwatches here.

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