Bitcoin is a digital coin which has increased its value from almost nothing to $10000 in just a few years. Naturally this has invited a lot of fame. And so everyone is now curious about it and want to know more about it. Also, this quick rise has invited many investors who want to make some quick money. Even I was looking for some quick profit when I started. But I realized it very soon that this is much more than a simple digital asset.

Due to the complex nature of crypto most books on the subject tend to be boring. They often overlook the points which must be stressed more. And for this reason, I was looking for a book that can easily explain things. When getting into bitcoin you will want to know about certain things like, what it is? Where to buy? How to store? How to transact? And so on. But there are other aspects also and things like why it was created and why it was created are Important too. In this book you will know about these less discussed aspects of the Bitcoin

About the Author of Internet of Money

Andreas M Antonopoulos Is the author of book Internet of Money. He has a great grasp of the topic. He is one of the most sought after author, Expert and speaker. You can check some of his videos on YouTube.

About The book: Internet of Money

Book is a series of essays about various Aspects of Bitcoin. As Author likes to say that this books goes into why of bitcoin while most are trying to answer the what of bitcoin. While most people view bitcoin as an asset for investment, author sees it as future of money. The book tries to answer most question related to security and survivability of money.

Author has gone into growth of many new age things like Cars, rails etc. Most of these things were made fun of in their initial days. Author argues that technologies which give a great value to people survive and become a vital part of our lives. He draws a very interesting parallel with internet and believes that Bitcoin is like internet in the sense that it empowers people. Just like internet has given people freedom to create and share knowledge freely, the bitcoin has power to do the same to financial world. It’s a people’s money which take power from the financial institutions and gives it into the hand of people.

Final Comments

This book has changed my views on Bitcoin. Now I dot see it just as a digital asset which can make me rich, but I see it as something which has power to be real money. It has power to remove the middle men and let me take charge of my wealth.

After this there is no stopping and you will want to go deeper into this world.

Many interviews are freely available on YouTube. I have already shared the link. You can buy the books on Amazon using below link.

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