As a well-known quote says that “Only the change is permanent”. While this applies to all aspects of our life, it true even more so in the world of technology. Most of the gadgets we have used in the last few years have changed a lot. And the ones that we are using today will look and feel very much changed in a few years from now. Today we will see some latest innovations happening around us.

You may recall that every cell phone had key-pads just a few years ago. Also, you could have used these gadgets for very few things then. But now you can do almost everything that you can do on a PC. This is just one instance. You can see huge progress in many area like media, games, music, etc. It will not be an overstatement to say that world we live in very different from the one we lived in a few years back.

Technology is making huge strides. And very soon it will change the way we do a few things. Today we will try to have a look at some of these changes. Also, we will try to explain what changes these latest innovations may bring in our life.

Device form Factors(some latest innovations)

electronic devices and their form factor has always been the most important aspect of these devices. the way we have used our devices Has always been changing. initially, we had phones with no screens on them. Then we had the phones with big and colorful displays but still, they had keys. After these key-pads were replaced by full touch displays. even now the companies are in innovating and finding the new ways in which we can use our devices. some great changes are happening in the form factor of our devices. Let us have a look at a few of these latest innovations in device form factors.

Mixed Reality

While the virtual reality has been around for a few years now but the mixed reality is still a bit new. unlike virtual reality where we wear some device over our eyes and get into a different 3-D world, The mixed reality mixes virtual and real. it draws the virtual things into our real world and we can see and interact with these things using the Halo lens.

To get a feel of Halo Lens and what it is about just check the video below.

This technology has some great utility in fields like education, Surgery, design, art, etc.

Holo Lens is just one device. On the same lines, google and apple are coming up with their own mixed reality devices. For instance, Google is working on google glass which is their take on mixed reality.

Foldable and dual displays

Another big change that may be seen in phones very soon is a foldable display. Motorola already has a phone with foldable displays in the market and very soon Samsung may also launch phones with a screen that can bend. Right now this technology is a bit costly. But as more people adopt it, it can soon be within the reach of everyone. Check the demo below.

While we have discussed about the screens that can bend there are other similar concepts like dual screen devices. For example you can check surface Duo below.

Blockchains and latest innovations it brings

Another latest innovations with a great future are blockchains. Middlemen manage many aspects of our lives in today’s world. For example, banks manage our money. You depend on service provided by courier service or online retailer to find where your parcel may be. This central control of the third party is not always good.

Just thinks what happens to your money if your bank is closed suddenly forever. If you are thinking that there is no chance of this happening then read about PMC bank and yes bank in India. Remember Lehmann brothers and what happened to one of the biggest banks in the US.

There are many cases of lost parcels. And in such cases you have no option but to spend a lot of time with an annoying call center person.

Block chain has introduced the concept of shared ledger. And this concept has a huge potential to change the way many things are carried out today.

So first lets understand what it is.

A blockchain is a series of immutable records of data. cryptography is used to secure each block of data. Each record has a timestamp. Using this we can find the exact time of the creation of these records. We can only add records and there is no way to change the records that are already in the chain. A common ledger is shared among all stakeholders. This ledger holds all the transactions that have taken place in the blockchain. And so everybody can see any transaction at any time.

This idea of shared Ledger is far-reaching and it holds a great promise for future Applications built on the blockchain. Let us have a look at some use cases of this concept.

Supply chain

A good produced in one country are sold all over the world. To facilitate this, supply chains play a huge role. But any product passes through many places and people before it can reach in the hand of the consumer. For example, just think how food grown in farms reaches your table?

Now if there is a ledger which creates a record as soon as food changes the hand how easy it will be to track the food from farm to your table. All stake holders will have a copy of this ledger and they can see the complete history of any product through out the supply chain.


In the field of healthcare we have some very good use cases for blockchain. Your full medical history can be recorded in a blockchain. Whenever you go to a doctor he updates your details. If you get some test done it will be recorded in the blockchain. This will make it very easy for any doctor you see your medical history. If you need any detail you can just check your records in blockchain.

Real Estate

We can update all land and property records in a block chain. We can add a new block whenever a new deal happens. In this way we can track any property right back to the first owner starting from its current owner. Just think how much clarity and ease it will bring into the world of real estate.

These are just some use cases and there are many possible uses of a shared ledger and the new blockchain technology.

Crypto Currencies

The concept of decentralized money which is free from the control of any government is getting popular day by day. Many coins like Bitcoin and Ether have already gained huge popularity. Bitcoin which had no value a few years back is valued more than 11000 dollars at the time of writing. If you want to be a part of this latest innovations just check this post on our website.

Wazirx is a crypto exchange in India where you can buy and sell crypto coins. Check them out below.

latest innovations in AI and machine learning

AI is the ability of a machine to perform the roles that we associate with human minds, such as reasoning, learning, etc. Examples of technologies that enable AI to solve problems are robotics, self-driving cars, language, and machine learning. IBM Watson (the AI platform) can help specialists in solving problems faster and solve the bigger issues by creating insights out of more data. Let us have a look at some of the latest innovations in the field of AI.

Machine Learning overview

computers can iteratively learn from data using machine learning algorithms. They allow computers to find hidden insights without being told exactly where to look. Machine Learning is teaching the computer to solve problems by using algorithms that learn by looking at hundreds or thousands of cases and then use that knowledge to solve the problem in new conditions.

Self driving cars

Many companies have already built their models for self-driving cars. This is a hot new are where many big players like Google and Tesla are working actively. Though they have shown some working models still the biggest hurdle is the legal one. But some time in the future we may see self-driving cars running around our cities.

Personal Assistants

You may have already seen Alexa, Siri, Google-Now and Cortana in action on your smartphone devices. Right now you can use them for having some fun. For example, you can ask them to sing or tell you a joke or play any song of your liking. They can also help you in setting reminders alarms. using google home you can control your home appliances. But soon what these assistants will be able to do much more. just think what if they can reply to some regular mails or do some of your office work as per schedule. As the capability of AI behind these assistants will increase so will increase their power.

We have already covered many topics today and there will be a second part of this article very soon. Thanks for reading this article about the latest innovations. Please let me know your feedback by writing back to us or commenting below.


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