We all love music. Music of Each era is special. If you want to gift music player as a gift to someone check Saregama Carvaan and Acoosta Suno Player. Hope we will help you in making a good choice.

Saregama Carvaan is a popular music player in India. This device has a perfect collection of classic film songs. The controls are very simple and anybody can use it. This is very appealing to older people who are non-tech-savvy. While Acoosta Suno Player Another player with some great preloaded songs from 90s. Controls are simple and easy to use like Carvaan.

Saregama Carvaan

Right now the market is flooded with portable music players. So, What makes Carvaan so special?

  1. Firstly, The collection of songs in Carvaan is outstanding. It has over 5000 songs. And you can play these songs by Artist, Era or specific radio programs.
  2. Secondly, This device is very easy to use. There are simple controls like buttons and dials so anybody can operate it easily.
  3. Thirdly, Design is similar to an old radio but finish is super. Design is posh. This really increases its value as a gift. Your father or grandfather will be really happy to get it as a gift.

Basic features

So Saregama Carvaan is a great music player for old songs but how does it fair against the other players in the Market?

  1. Connectivity: Apart from preloaded songs you can use built in Aux, USB, Radio or Bluetooth to play Songs. So we can say that in this area the player is very solid.
  2. Battery: Carvaan can not go on for more than 5 hours on a single charge. This is very ordinary by today’s standards. The device is not very compact and it could have easily packed a bigger battery than 2200 mAh. If we leave that apart and look at the charging time, well even that is not great either. It will take around 4 hours to charge the device fully.
  3. Display: Unlike most other portable speakers. Carvaan has a small LCD screen. It gives you basic information about song and helps you in finding songs and playlists.
  4. Sound: Speakers in this device are actually good. The sound is loud and clear. It may not have deep bass but player is designed for retro music and plays it very well.

Whats Bad?

So from what we have discussed so far Carvaan may seem to be a good player and you may be thinking is it perfect?

Let’s have look at below points.

  1. After sales support is not very good. You can often find user complaining about it on various forums.
  2. Price is a bit high. Althoug you can play any song on this device using Aux, BT or USb but speakers are not built for modern music. If you want to play the latest songs occasionally you may miss the bass and thump.

Is there Any alternative?

Not Exactly, if you are into very old songs. but there is one player with a collection of 90’s songs.


Accosta music player is a fantastic music player. It highly rated and liked by buyer on Amazon. Lets see how it compares to Carvaan.

  1. Connectivity: Apart from preloaded songs you can use built in Aux, USB, Radio or Bluetooth to play Songs. This device from Acoosta also supports Wireless to play songs over Wi-Fi.
  2. Battery: Battery is smaller 1200 mAh but backup is equal to Caarvaan.
  3. Display: Acoosta does not have a display.
  4. Sound: The speakers on Acoosta are quite good. It suits both old and new songs.
  5. Pre Loaded songs: This player comes with 1000 preloaded songs. The collection is very good. If you like 90s Songs it will be difficult to find a better collection.
  6. It offers something Extra. It has an inbuilt mic which you can use to take calls.


Today we have seen two great music players which you can give as a gift. These are different from other portable speakers because they come preloaded with many songs and easy to operate. This saves you hassle to find songs, select and play them. You can just select a play list and listen to songs from your favourite era. Collection in Saregama device is much bigger and you can find some very old songs. Accosta has songs from 90’s. Sound quality is a bit better on Accosta and suits well to modern songs. And lastly Accosta is less than half the price of Carvaan.

If you are looking for a music player to give as a gift Saregama Carvaan and Acoosta Suno both options are great. You can buy them on Amazon using below links.

Saregama Carvaan

Acoosta SUNO

Hope you will read some other articles and provide your feedback.

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